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Advantage of Steam Cooking

Advantages of Steam Cooking

  • Cooking with steam is both healthy and versatile
  • Steam cooking retains the nutritional value of food
  • Steaming preserves 90% of antioxidants in fresh vegetables
  • Whereas :-
    • Pressure cooking destroys 50% of antioxidants
    • Boiling destroys 67% of antioxidants and Micro-waving destroys 97% of antioxidants
  • Steam cooking is the best at preserving the water soluble B & C vitamins
  • Steaming preserves cellular architecture of cells
  • Foods retain their texture and shape well
  • Steaming imparts a delicate flavour to the food
  • Steaming fruits makes it easier to juice them
  • Steaming is energy saving
  • Cold food can be reheated by using steam without affecting the food quality
Steam Cook the Healthy Way and Save Time, Energy & Cost