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Maestro Electric Steam Cooker MC 2 Plus

Price : INR 4,750.00  Offer Price : INR 4,250.00

Maestro Electric Steam Cooker - MC2 Plus
Designed for today’s kitchen, Maestro is compact, yet versatile. Maestro Model MC 2 Plus - A High Utility Model - has an additional 1 ltr. SS Pan and Inner Vessel for simultaneous cooking along with a 2 ltr. Cooking Vessel, a 3-plate Idli Stand & Egg Tray besides the Heating Base Unit. With added convenience of cooking up to 3 dishes at a time simultaneously saving Time, Energy and Cost.

Details :

  • Power : 600W 230V 50 Hz / 120V 60Hz
  • Cooks up to 500 gms of fluffy and soft rice with no crust formation & boils up to 2 ltrs of milk
  • Unique Double walled Stainless Steel cooking vessel for better utilisation of steam
  • Automatic cut off (Dry Boil Protection) saves energy
  • Safe pressure less steam cooking
  • Like a casserole, the Stainless steel cooking vessel keeps food hot for more than 2-3 hours
  • Add other ingredients during operation
  • Easy to use
  • Economical compared to gas stove
  • No gasket to change unlike conventional pressure cookers
  • Added Convenience – Cook 3 items at a time – say, Rice, Dhal and Vegetables by keeping Rice in 2 ltr. Cooking Vessel, Dhal in the Inner Vessel and the Vegetables in the Pan on top of the 2 ltr. Vessel.
  • Cooks soft Idlis, Rice, Rasam, Vegetable curry, Pulao, Uppuma, Dhoklas, Momos, Soups, Noodles, Macaroni, Pastas with no compromise on taste.
  • Boils Milk, Eggs, Vegetables
  • Reheats cold food without affecting food quality
  • Steams vegetables preserving nutrition values.